You, Unchained

You, Unchained 

A 3-week program to free yourself from the "shoulds" without burning it all down to the ground.


You can show up unapologetically.

You can be fully yourself in each and every interaction you have.

Even though everyone says that you can't.

You shouldn't. 

You can't be the whole woman that you actually are.

Ever hear this? (from yourself or others):

- You need to toughen up

- You're too aggressive

- You're too much

Talk too much, think too much, care too much, just...too much


- You're not enough

Not good enough, not likeable, not strong enough

Somewhere along the way, while trying to check all of these boxes all at the same time, you may have lost yourself.

And how could you not!

That middle place makes you completely unoffensive. But it also makes you feel bland, and not completely like yourself. You feel unnoticed and inconsequential.

Shouldn't you feel amazing since you did everything that you were "supposed" to do?

The real secret is that you'll never actually feel successful by checking the boxes and following all of the rules.

But there is another way.

By getting into alignment with who you really are.

By remembering.

By listening to your own intuition and taking action on that.

You always know best.

In this program we'll work together towards breaking free from the life you're in to a life where you're fully yourself. Feeling alive and free.  

You, Unchained will be run LIVE from Friday February 1 through February 22.  

In this program you'll get:  

- a short training each day to connect with your inner guidance - a live Q&A session so that you can get your specific needs addressed - audio recordings and meditations to cement the learnings from your own soul - journaling prompts to serve as reminders of who you always were 

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In You, Unchained VIP you'll get TWO half hour one on one coaching sessions.  

In these sessions we will:  

- Do a deep dive into your stories and limiting beliefs to identify the areas you need to focus on - Develop the strategies to break through to the next level - Get a deep understanding of what it is inside of you that NEEDS to come out so tht you can be in alignment with your true self  

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There is a bonus for early action takers!

If you sign up by Midnight EST on Monday January 28th, you'll be invited to an hour long intuitive download where you can ask your questions and get guidance!

We'll pull some cards, light some candles, and listen deeply together for answers.

You have a choice.

Play the game and stay in the loop of hustling and still never feeling "good enough".

Or have faith.

In yourself.


You can create success on your terms.