Magic Maker 

You know all that stuff you say you want to do, but never actually do?

I'm going to help you get out of your own way and get all of it DONE!

Let's crush your goals and create a life that feels like magic.

You have big dreams.

I know you do, because if you're here, you're looking to create amazing things for yourself and for the world.

The women that I work with are badass.

And sometimes, we forget who we are.

We forget what we're capable of.

We set all of these goals for ourselves, then life happens, and months go by without making any progress.

Was this the year that you were going to finally:

Love Your Body

Get Organized

Manage Your Anxiety

Have a Great Relationship

Stick to a Workout Routine

Kick Ass at Work and Get That Raise

Go Back to School

Lose Weight

Start a Business

And then life happened, and some of these things fell to the wayside.

Are you starting to feel like it'll never happen?

Beating yourself up a bit?

What if I told you that it's not because you lack discipline.

You can still achieve your goals this year.

And it's possible to do without sacrificing what you've already accomplished or hustling to the point of burnout.

That's where the Magic Maker coaching program comes in.

You don't have to stay stuck.

Together, we'll use the next 3 months to crush those goals that you've set.

Imagine, all of your goals done. In three months.

(Yep, even the ones you haven't started on yet!)

Think of me as your own personal cheerleader/drill sergeant and the biggest advocate for your dreams.

I am in your corner, and I already know that whatever it is that you've envisioned for yourself is as good as done.


Here's the reality:

I'm a busy mom. I have a husband, two small kids, and two dogs.

I work full time out of the house.

I run this coaching business.

I am also writing my dissertation for my PhD.

And here's what I've been able to achieve in the last year:

I lost over 20 pounds (and fell back in love with my body)

I passed my qualifying exams for my PhD and finished coursework

I stopped drinking

I led and completed a huge project at work and presented to the CEO

I got my life coach certification

And I did all of this without burning out or sacrificing my relationships with my family.

And I know the same is possible for you.

In Magic Maker, here's what we'll work on together:


Here's where we'll do a deep dive into what your current goals are.*

We're going to get really clear on why you want to do what you're looking to achieve.

We're going to make sure that your goals LIGHT YOU THE F*CK UP.

We're going to examine alllllll of the thoughts that you have about your goals.

All of this will set the stage for the massive action that you're going to be taking.

*Feel like you're not even sure what your goals are? Just want to feel better, or want everything to change?

This program is still for you!

Have no fear.

During this first stage we'll figure out what you'd like to create that would make your life feel like magic.


Then we'll go over scheduling your time.

We're going to do a time inventory to see where your time is currently going.

Then, we're going to evaluate if you're happy with that.

We'll reclaim some time that is leaking into areas that you don't want it to go.

Next, we'll make adjustments to your calendar and schedule in the things that are important to you. (Hint: it's not all about waking up earlier, most women I know are already up at the crack of dawn!)

This includes (most importantly!) time to rest!

We'll also evaluate your environment to create the most optimal conditions to get stuff done.


We'll work through what the right next step to take is.

We'll evaluate your results and course correct as we go.

We'll learn from mini-failures like a pro.

(Because pros fail forward and use failure as stepping stones towards their goals.)

We'll conquer overwhelm to move you forward.

We'll manage your energy for sustained effort.

We'll banish the perfectionism that's handcuffing your efforts.

We'll learn how to trust ourselves, and listen to our intuition and inner guidance.

We'll incorporate mystical practices and mindset work to solidify the transformation that you're creating.

And we're going to make sure that you're having fun doing it.

Here's how it works:

Weekly One on One Video Coaching Sessions  

Each week, we'll hop on a private video call.

I'll bring probing questions, tools, strategies, and exercises to help you get those goals done and feel great while you're doing it.

These sessions are not only accountability, but we'll get into the "why" of what's not working, and document what does work so that you know how to work on setbacks and repeat successes.  

Voxer Support Between Sessions  

Have a question between sessions? 

Need some additional coaching?

I got you. You can message me on Voxer any time!

As a one-on-one coaching client you have Voxer access 7 days a week. 

I will respond to you within 24 hours. 

You'll also get worksheets, journal prompts, and other surprises to support you as you work towards making your dreams a reality.

Still not sure if this program is right for you?

Listen, women have been socialized to not ask for help to achieve their goals.

We're told by society that spending time working on ourselves is selfish.

This is bullshit.

Managing your mind and working towards your goals is a feminist act.

Who benefits when we don't get the support that we need to go after our dreams?

The more we take care of ourselves, the more resourced we are, the more we have to give.

Worried that you won't have the time, or you're afraid you won't follow through?

Through our work together we'll learn how to create time and motivation.

You don't need to wait for inspiration to strike, or feel like you're at the whim of your daily to-do list.

What does your life look like in 3 months if you follow through and achieve those dreams?

What would your confidence be like?

What would you take on next?

Let's find out!

Sign up for a free consultation so we can talk about your goals and see if we're a good fit to work together!


I'm Laura McCaffrey, certified life coach.

I am a mechanical engineer working in the field of engineering for over 18 years. I have been coaching women and men for over six years, both in corporate and private settings.  

I have a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Tufts University, a Masters Degree in Energy Management from NYIT, and I am currently a PhD Candidate at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology studying Organizational Leadership. My research revolves around how women lead in male-dominated fields.  

In addition to my academic training, I am also a BARE certified life coach.  

To supplement the knowing of the mind, I also have been certified in modalities that deal with the knowing of the body and intuition. I am a certified energy healer, and I have taken training in trance states and meditation, Energy Body Clearing, Shadow Work, Soul Tarot, and Ancestral Healing. 

At home, I enjoy spending time with my two small children, my husband, and our two dogs. When I’m not working, coaching, or dissertating, you can find me on my spin bike or with my nose in a book.

How I Work:  

As a coach, I aim to be a co-creatrix with you in building a life that feels damn good to live. 

Together we’ll work to acknowledge the systemic & mindset issues that hold women back,

and create strategies and incorporate rituals to make changes and achieve goals without burning out. 

I'm not a special unicorn. I know you can achieve whatever it is that you've set your mind to.

Let's Get. Shit. Done.